damon brown

UK Jazz trumpeter and composer

Sincerely Whatever – Killer Shrimp

33Records, 2007


Killer Shrimp , co-led by Ed Jones and Damon Brown ,were winners of the All Parliamentary Jazz Award for Best UK Jazz Ensemble 2007 and their debut album Sincerely Whatever was also nominated for best Jazz CD 2007. The follow up “Whatever Sincerely (Tales of the Baltic Wharf)” was released to critical acclaim in 2010.

Hip/Hop, Drum n Bass, Funk and Latin grooves rub shoulders with Straight Ahead Swing, free wheeling Improvisation, and textures created with modern studio technology.

Ed Jones – Tenor Sax
Troy Miller – Drums
Ben Hazelton – Double Bass

Track Listing.

1. Last of the Mohitos (listen to the track)
2. Marielyst
3. My Deposit
4. Prayer (For the New Millennium)
5. Angel Vamp
6. Monkeys Dream
7. Walking On
8. Harold’s Souk
9. On a Misty Night
10. Jeckyll and Hyde
11. Premonition
12. Blue Soul